A sort of Area Code for Landova (Landover) Located in Prince George's County, Maryland. It is often shouted out in gogo music.
Reppin dat 2-5 4 Lyfe.
by C-Boss January 14, 2008
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Guy1: You know what's funnier than 24 ?
Guy2: What?
Guy1: 25!!
Both: *Extreme Laughter*
by BigCoke October 31, 2020
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(Pronounced two-five)

Used primarily with selling of weed, when buying a stick (flat rate of 25AUD) is called a 25.

Also comes in a 50 (pronounced five-o).

Definition only good for Australia.
Buyer: Can I pick up that 25?
Dealer: Meet you at Thomas Park at 9pm.
by Falkinor November 27, 2006
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Similiar to 5-0, but they are security guards, rent-a-cops, etc.
by Megloyvan March 10, 2005
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Dude! it's twenty five it's the second most important number in the D'ni universe!
It's the base the counting system is in.
It's the age of maturity.
It's the age one must be to get married.
It's the number of feet you must be from a marker before it becomes visible.
There's 25 Prorahntee in a Gorahn.
There's 25 Gorahntee in a Tahvo.
Seriously, 25 FTW!
What's the big deal about 25?
*crowd becomes silent*
by MowgaII [Slump Virus] May 17, 2010
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A certian amount of hash. around about 10 inches long and as thick as the lead for pencils.
Boi give me a 25 of dat H.
by Rakoon April 14, 2008
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