what one thinks is going to happen because they have been busting their ass all day..
i worked out in the gym for 3 hrs. by the time i was done i thought i was going to stroke out.
by Gina Tritchler June 24, 2008
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Man,my vacuum stroked out and it's not picking up anything. Can I borrow yours?
by Cryptina March 04, 2006
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When a person is so drunk or drugged up that they appear to be having a stroke.

Or the person is actually having a stroke.
"Fuck me man I was stroked out last night"

"Fucking keep her lit sinbad what was it like?"

"Wouldn't recommend it mate. It was like taking a shite in a third world country and then kimbo slice raped my most precious memory."

"Haha.Sacky bobo son"
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To stroke someone so good in sex that all of there cum during an orgasm starts spurting and leaking out controllably until the stroking stops
Mmm that dick feels so good baby I can’t wait for you to stroke out my insides
by Respect the 90’s baby July 05, 2021
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