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2X (tōō tīe-mz) To fuck a bitch and or to fuck up a bitch with a long ass mother fucking dick. Also affiliated with Mandingo, FAFSA refunds, Acts of Congress, and other long ass things. Alternatively, the feeling hoes get when a 2 Times member fucks them, also known as the “twice the nigga in they guts syndrome”.
Karen: I think I might have internal bleeding. I can't walk without a wheelchair .

Bonquisha: You must have have been with one of those guys from 2 Times.
by Lilnawfside October 26, 2017
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A person who by nature is very competitive but inevitably always loses.
James is a 2times loser.

Always loses.

Tamarra "omg I lost again!!!"
James "Thats because you're a 2times loser"
by James the clown August 21, 2007
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