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Girls if you meet a boy named Jaylan, don’t let him go. He is skinny, cute, short and very funny. However, if he does not like you, he will be RUDE to you but he harldy dislikes people.

He also has a special quality that will be revealed.
Girl #1: Oh my! It’s Jaylan

Girl #2: No, I want him to myself. JAYLAN!!!
by BabyBlue108 December 05, 2017
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Jaylan is beautiful, skinny, short, outgoing, and very funny. If your not dating one, your missing out! Girls get overly jealous of them, but they find the best ways to deal with it.
Girl: Ew look how ugly Jaylans hair looks today! *Thinks to herself* I wish mine looked more like hers.

Friend: Oh i know! *Thinks to themself* Your just jealous shut up.
by talia12345 May 28, 2011
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A shady rude but nice person that'll hurt your feelings but be one of the best friends you meet if you're nice to them. If not they'll be a B I T C H
Jaylan is such a bad bitch
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by Bad Bitchery Reporter October 16, 2018
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