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Someone who is classified as a deitie, To tiny mortal scum

To be an elevated one you have to be above the average height.
Elevated ones get to look down on all the short mortals.
“Why are you so tall” sorry your talking to an Elevated one”
by Hyundai™ June 21, 2020

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Shaun is a 1998 Volkswagen

Because he is a cheap shit, he’s really slow when he walks

And he likes to say no you
Shaun is as slow as a 1998 Volkswagen
by Hyundai™ June 22, 2020

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People who own the an Xbox one is in complete denial,
These individual believes Xbox is better then the ps4 whitch it isn’t.
We should smash and destroy all the Xbox one’s and take the owners toilet paper.
Faggot box is an Xbox one or Xbox one x
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by Hyundai™ June 22, 2020

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