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The year that Microsoft released its "Wonderful" new operating system! It featured several built in bugs, newer crash and error messages, and included the wonderful blue screen of death, Which happened to pop up on every windows machine, on average, about 3 times per hour, Depending on the task you are wanting to complete. Unfortunately, Windoze 98 was not too much better.
Everyone was like, "WINDOWS 95 IS COMING, WINDOWS 95 IS COMING" and when it finally shipped it was like, "WHAT....THE....FUCK"

Or, It could also be this:

HAHAHA, All those losers are having their shitty PC's crash while My Power Mac 7500 never crashes! (That was one of the Macs made in 1995)
by anapplemacphreak August 07, 2004
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Abbrev. for "Internet Service Provider", or in my case, "Internet Shit Provider" because AOL is fucking gay.
Aol is a internet shit provider
by anapplemacphreak December 04, 2004
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Basically, it is when you run a Microsoft Operating system on a Intel box.
Dude, Why do you have a "Wintel"? Get a Mac!
by anapplemacphreak November 23, 2004
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The day that I will die, Not including business days or a holiday.
After watching a evil video tape, The little girl called up on the phone and said in a monotone voice "Seven days". She is pretty fucked now.
by anapplemacphreak February 23, 2005
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The year that Bleurgh did not define, thus thrusting us into a black hole and being blown up into tiny pieces.
Hang on to your knickers, We are going into a black hole!
by anapplemacphreak January 09, 2005
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A phrase that was used in Eminems new song "Just lose it". It means that you are drunk and everything looks pretty

See also beer goggles
"Dre, HA HA HA BEER GOGGLES BLIND! I'm just trying to unwind!"
by anapplemacphreak November 13, 2004
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The only place on the internet where a fucktard will pay 28 grand USD for a ten year old fucking grilled cheese sandwich with a picture of my mom on it. Also a place where my stolen iMac and iPod showed up, Got it back.

The joint also robs you of fees. Fucking listing fees, extra features fees, final value fees, and paypal fees.
d00d, I got charged fees on ebay for having two kidneys and a dick!

d00d, A stupid bitch stole my iMac and put it up on ebay and I found it and turned him it. Now I can buy a Power Macintosh G5 with the settlement!
by anapplemacphreak December 24, 2004
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