A Time period that most people wish they were born in. For some odd fucking reason, this time period is the shit, and everybody born in the 90's loves to brag about it. But to my knowledge, they only like the 90's because of repetitive, shitty cartoons that they watched as a child. Shows like Family Guy, The Simpsons, and Pokemon are some of the shows that were first aired in the 90's, even though all of these shows are still happening today. Also, people born in 1999 like to consider themselves part of the 90's. if you know of one of these people, please feel free to bitch slap them in the face.
Wait! you weren't born in the 1990's! Sorry bro, we can't be friends because you have no idea what a good show is.
by Gary Sanders June 14, 2015
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Although it ended on 31 Dec. 1999, its elements and style went up until 2003.

True 90's fashion started in 1992, when 80's fashion faded, and it ended on 2003.
Jane: In the early 2000s my friends and I wore colourful wrist bands and bottom bell jeans.

Timothy: Well I still used video tapes around that time. I bought my first DVD in 2004. The 1990's vibe was still present in 2000-03.
by WalltzingAmanda September 9, 2010
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One of the most underrated decades of all time. Rap was at its BEST, weather it be underground or mainstream, and life wasn't so materialistic. People dressed casually and lived to the fullest. Everyone has there own opinion of this decade, but people who say 90s sucked actually slept on the decade. Creativity was active in the 90s and stuff actually got a chance to make to the radio, or tv screen. Unlike today where everything is bought out by corporations. Also, overall the youth had a lot more fun than nowadays.
1990's hip-hop mentality- Keeping it real, staying true to your roots and the art, having soul,little bit of gangsta.

Current "hip-hop" mentality- Make it rain!, we in da club, spend it all on her, swag, im the shit, IM A ROBOT!
by messssage! February 12, 2010
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The decade which saw corporate radio and major record labels finally kill rock and roll for good. The 1990's started with Vanilla Ice and ended with the *nSync Degree Boys. In the middle, Nirvana tried to save us, so they killed Kurt Cobain.
Thank you so much Clear Channel and Big Five Record Labels! Thanks to your unrelenting assault on artistry in the 1990's, we get treated to the same fifteen songs a day from eight "different" artists on twenty "different" radio stations played repeatedly!
by The Evil Steve September 7, 2005
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A decade ranging from January 1 1990 to December 31 1999.The greatest decade ever with internet, pizza, computers, wireless internet, cell phones, sony,playstation, Age of Empires and tons of other nerdy stuff.
In 1990's:
2.Pearl Jam
7.Scary Movie
8.Reality TV
by Taxman July 31, 2006
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