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One of the most underrated decades of all time. Rap was at its BEST, weather it be underground or mainstream, and life wasn't so materialistic. People dressed casually and lived to the fullest. Everyone has there own opinion of this decade, but people who say 90s sucked actually slept on the decade. Creativity was active in the 90s and stuff actually got a chance to make to the radio, or tv screen. Unlike today where everything is bought out by corporations. Also, overall the youth had a lot more fun than nowadays.
1990's hip-hop mentality- Keeping it real, staying true to your roots and the art, having soul,little bit of gangsta.

Current "hip-hop" mentality- Make it rain!, we in da club, spend it all on her, swag, im the shit, IM A ROBOT!
by messssage! February 12, 2010

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