1. The state of being excessively arrogant or cocky.

2. The act of choking, as in an unexpected loss.

3. The process of karma catching up with a cheater or team of cheaters.
1. Bob was so too 18-1 going into that Tennis match and lost because of it.

2. Timmy was up by 5 points but managed to 18-1 the game away at the end.

3. 18-1 will eventually happen to Barry Bonds.
by FannyFondler February 12, 2008
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1. What the Patriots ended up after they got beat in the Super Bowl

2. The Trademark of the NY Post after the Patriots bought 19-0
Well there goes the Patriots' perfect season. Now their 18-1.
by KS_You_Know February 04, 2008
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18-1 is probably one of the most embarrassing records to have in football history. It may be thought that winning 18 games and only losing 1 is a good thing, but when that last game is at the super bowl to a wildcard team, it is nothing to brag about.
The patriots went into the super bowl with an 18-0 record. After getting spanked by the giants they went 18-1 and are getting looked down upon than the 49ers.
by bLiTcH February 04, 2008
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It doesn't matter, nobody cares, so what, meaningless, etc.

In reference to the Patriots 2007 (almost) record setting season.
I'm proud of my new car but all my friends are 18 - 1 about it.

Peyton: I think I might grow a goatee.

Dwight: I think I'm 18 - 1 about your goatee.
by Jason M. Hoffman February 08, 2008
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In the United States Army, Physical Fitness tests are given every six months and soldiers must pass with a 60 in each of the three events adding up to a minimum passing grade of 180. A 181 is when a soldier gives the minimal effort due to extraneous circumstances to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test. So a 181 is an acceptable, yet less than enthusiastic effort in order to accomplish a goal.
Ex. 1
Soldier 1: Oh man today is a 181 day.

Soldier 2: Definitely, I'm so goddamn hungover from penny beer night I can hardly stand up.

Ex. 2
Jack: Man I really don't give two shits about this final exam.

Joe: Just make it 181 and call it a day.
by The Sugabear April 28, 2010
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The numerical representation for a ménage à trois between one woman and two men.
Dave: "Hey bud, she looks prettty wasted!"

Ty: "Ya, she does."

Dave: "Shes hot man, go in for the kill, we'll pull some 181."

Ty: "Ménage à trois?"

Dave: "Yeah, but if we pull a clash of swords, I'm out ASAP."

Ty: "cool."
by Supa Dave McKinnon February 16, 2011
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