The 49ers were established in 1950 as the Bay Area's NFL franchise, but struggled for their 1st 20 years of existance, with just 1 playoff berth. The team had a few good runs with 3 playoff berths in the early 1970s, but did not become the outstanding franchise that fans remember until the early 1980s. In 1981, with Joe Montana in his first year at starting quarterback and receiver Dwight Clark having an amazing year that would culminate in a game winning catch in the AFC title game, the 49ers made the playoffs and their 1st Super Bowl. The Niners win Super Bowl XVI in a 4th quarter comeback against the Bengals. After a poor season the next year, San Francisco went on a streak of 8 straight playoff berths from 1983-90. During that time, the team's powerful offense, now with excellent receiver Jerry Rice, won 3 more Super Bowls. They dominated the Dolphins to win Super Bowl XIX in 1984 and then won back to back crowns in 1988 and 1989, in what were 2 totally different championship games. The Super Bowl XXIII win was in a thriller against the Bengals, while the Super Bowl XXIV title was an easy victory. After just missing the playoffs in 1991, they went on another postseason streak from 1992-98. Now with Steve Young under center, they won their 5th Super Bowl in 1994, a blowout to take SB XXIX. The team was dismantled after 1998, but with a new cast, they returned to dominance a few years later, with playoff berths in 2001 and 2002. However, since then, the team has been struggling and were the league's second worst team in 2005.
"And Joe Montana does it for a second time! He pulls off a fourth quarter rally that brings a championship to the 49ers! The Cincinatti Bengals go down again, as the San Francisco 49ers win their fourth title."
by Sports Info July 7, 2006
The worst team ever right next to Detroit lions. the team is know as the "forty cock suckers". they're current season record is 4-8.
Daughter: Daddy, what's a synonym for loser?

Father: There are lots of them honey, but the one that best describes would be the San Francisco 49ers.

Daughter: Is it true that the San Francisco 49ers suck dick?

Father: In every way possible.
by awesom men December 7, 2010
When you suck the shit out of a girl's asshole during sexual intercourse.
Dude I was so blown last night. This girl i was with was super fine but she would only suck my cock if i san francisco 49ered her. it was totally not worth it. i still got pieces of shit in my teeth and can feel it rumbling in my stomach.
by NW & DF August 1, 2008