2 definitions by vinnie357325

to fuck the living shit outta a girl so aggressively she can barely walk and has a sore down there after. synonyms for this include pound and bang, those are used in different contexts and severities tho
don't rail unless you have high strength and are into kinky shit
by vinnie357325 May 1, 2022
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freshest age for a girl out there. she might still have acne like most teenagers but she still just recently bloomed into her adult body, and especially nowadays, is probably just as attractive and fresh as an 18 year old girl. can only admire her from afar though, in order to not catch a case.
-why tf do 16 year old girls nowadays have to look 21 man
-yeah I know bro, it's a hard time. waiting for 2 years is surely better than getting a beating from a high school girl's family and going to jail, though.

by vinnie357325 May 1, 2022
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