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Neighborhood in Southeast Portland with a reputation for being progressive, creative and all things counter-culture, though rapidly succumbing to californication.
Hawthorne used to be cool, before all the bobos moved in.
by Sophie Osborn April 14, 2007
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Area south of Los Angeles International Airport known for it's jankiness.
Girl, I ain't driving my ass all the way out to Hawthorne. Why don't I just go to Compton? It's the same shit, mida.
by Lolita & Herb November 03, 2006
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A spiky bush or tree found in Europe, northwestern Africa, and western Asia. Reaches 13 feet in height and grows along the edges of woods and forests. Has smooth, gray bark and sharp thorns which grow along the branches. The leaves are dark green with shiny, bluish-green undersides, and have irregular tooth margins. Snow white flowers bloom from May to June and grow in terminal corymbs.

One of the two flowers for the month of May
"Can you pick me some hawthorne flowers? Just don't get yourself pricked!"

The flowers for May are the Hawthorne and the Lily-of-the-Valley
by Ron Cumberdale July 23, 2005
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a neighborhood around the outskirts of Baltimore City, it used to be a good quite its an addict infested paradise filled with drugs and whores. But, on the bright side, you will not find a greater amount of diversity anywhere else besides baltimore. smoking, drinking, and being a stoner are a must down here, it is a way of life and death. Its filled with scene kids, preps, emos, goths, juggalos, rednecks and so on...and let's not mention the constant drama and fights. The police swarm this place making it hotter than hell, when there is really no true need (honestly) see dealers, thugs, and loser native americans everywhere...there are people who keep it real, but there are also alot of stuck up motherfuckers (GOD THEY NEVER GO AWAY)...the rats wonder the streets day and night, it is junk-filled, dirty, and trashy...but it is where I lay my head and call home
Guy: wanna fuck?
Girl: well we can't go to my crib
Guy: can't go to mine eithers
Girl: hmm?
Guy: hey i got an idea!
Girl: huh
Guy: why don't we go up to Hawthorne and fuck in the woods
Girl: sounds like a good idea!
by lalalucifer October 03, 2008
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blue collar white people
hamlet consisting of construction workers, cops, and firemen
pretty boring place, not much to do, rows of hoses and small buildings, and many many guidos
only good place to go is white plains a mile away for malls
Dude, wanna chill in hawthorne ?

Nah bro, mad boring there...
by keow March 02, 2008
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Hawthorne NY- working or middle class hamlet in westchester ny. next to valhalla, thornwood, white plains, elmsford, sleepy hollow, and pleasantville. mainly white trash kids and some hispanic kids. rivals with pleasantville and valhalla.
I live in hawthorne.
by Mike003 June 11, 2007
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