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10 definitions by Shuveit

When a person is being stupid or dumb and just making no sense they are a Thew. Thew is every word to describe a dumb person in 1 word
Person 1. 2+2=8

Person 2. Your a Thew
by Shuveit June 29, 2020
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Thewisum is a way of life when you are pure humble and Just don’t give a fuck about anything. Through out the week You don’t get mad no matter what is is. But on Saturdays at night you go out side and practice Thewisum witch includes screaming into the sky to let out all anger and stress that has built up inside trough out the week with you not giving a fuck. If you practice Thewisum you are thewish. Thewisum is to end everybody’s anger issues
Person: hey man I put this big ass dent in your car

Me: it’s cool man

Person: your not mad

Me: no I practice Thewisum
by Shuveit August 5, 2020
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Slap a Thew month is through the month of October when you slap a short person because they are short. And all short people are now called. Thews.
Hey did you hear it’s slap a Thew month

Yes I did time to get slapping
by Shuveit October 14, 2021
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A Term used to describe when a person is short and angry
Person 1: gets mad because they can’t reach the top shelf because they are too short and get angry

Person 2: Somebody’s becoming a Salti
by Shuveit June 29, 2020
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Salti Mati is Is a term to describe a character who always seems to get constantly disrespected Like. Salti Mati could have a way to make a car fly but nobody would care because you know. Fuck that guy. But if somebody else would say it then it would be a game changer. Salti Mati is also a small lad. So if he would go to a drive through They would give him a complementary Happy meal with a juice box and a toy. Along side with his purchased junior kids burger and small drink. He’s also 18. Every time him and some buddies would go to a restaurant the host would often ask his buddies for a high chair for the little one. Even in school. Everybody can be standing. Salti Mati would be told to go to his seat and be reminded that it is not social hour. While everybody else gets to stand moral of the story is. Salti Mati is very disrespected
Your get so much disrespect like. Salti Mati
by Shuveit June 30, 2020
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A fire station that can not crew worth shit. There could be 10 houses in fire and they would be in there 5th page. They can never get any guys to show up for calls. There truck stays so clean because the damn thing never leaves.
121 “ ‘this is your last and final page
by Shuveit June 29, 2020
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237 is a fire station filled with complete assholes and are currently locally hated. Within there community. They often arrive on scene command hungry. And are very very short temmpared
273 are assholes
by Shuveit June 29, 2020
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