The only time you and your two friends can be gay but with nipples. Usually after prom.
Gus: 12:10
Derek: My place or yours ?

Waylon: how about both.
by Ryleahj October 18, 2017
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Contrary form outside appearance 12/10 is not scoring something insanely high, it evens out to be a rating of about 7/10

1 A fast positive response to a question about and activity

2 To state some thing is good.

Originates form simplistic poetry one liners, similar to "Too cool for school", "Cruising for a bruising", "No way Jose"

Spoken: twelve out of ten
Written: 12/10
Person 1 "How was the movie."
Person 2 "12/10"

Person 1 *sends photo / gif*
Person 2 "12/10"

(it's a 12/10 is also acceptable)

Commonly used in the form "12/10 would {activity} again"
by AAbabu May 18, 2018
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When someone's actually a strong 3.5/10 but you feel bad so you try and boost their ego
e.g. Michelle you're totally a 12/10
by 101010101010101010 June 21, 2017
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The most ridiculous solo in the guitar world. It was invented by Goosetard. It is just two frets, 10 and 12 on one string, 1st. The half Goose, half Retard can't do the solo without having a Goose Fit.
Wow!! That solo looks really difficult!!!

Yeah! 10 12! You know, it has 2 WHOLE FRETS!!!

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