contraction for "lol k" for messengers
-"I'm gonna go put this definition on urban dictionary."

-"G'night, gonna sleep."
by JLBC January 10, 2008
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Escorts use this to describe services available. GFE, BBBJ, LK
by Schmitzter April 14, 2007
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The Acronym for the "Lonely Knights" Clan
He belongs to LKS
by Anon June 16, 2003
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short way for saying "like"
I lk to shop alone, but I lk when my friends come along to give me advice.

She was lk, "your stupid" and said I need learn my homophones, but I was lk NAH AH!
by crazyOFFcoke April 20, 2009
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LK - meaning: Latin Kings. Latin KIngs is mainly a hispanic gang with tons of members.
"we tha baddest mofukers runnin right now, LK nigga. dont fuck with us if you aint one of us."
by King Helios December 14, 2016
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Person 1: *laughing hysterically while playing xbox*

Person 2: *blinks*
Person 1: It's attack of the little kids!
Person 2: Oh you mean the LK's.
Person 1: Yep! AHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!!!!!
by kmewzaz June 13, 2009
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