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Is what u had this morning . Why won't u respond to my txt , how m.i soppose to know ur okay with me calling .
I m sorry if I like a little more than a hints.
1013 I trying really really hard to make this die . Logic and reason ,say I shouldnt go foward but my heart love you and I can't stop it from loving you . I miss you much all I want is to call.

The last time we spend together, I saw u looking , it pain me cause I m like why would she do that .

Guess now ur mirroring me . I have to stop I don't want to lead u on . I can't forgive my self for making you love me ,
But then again u said the angel colors are in action. I could never make u do anything , so all u do it's cause u want too and it all says u want me , u love me , I hope to God I m right cause if not then I m the worst at reading you
by Travelers September 19, 2022
I hate this number the. Most . Kamasutra mean twins and bow.

Why are you doing this to me . If u didn't show. Me what u wanted me to see I would have never seen it .
615 , yes I wanted you but that's cause last year when u wore that dress u had no reason too and u look so dam good drove me.crazy . I couldn't even tell u , I just wrote it . Didn't u see me look at u before I went down the start . U move out my way cause u didn't want me to get close.

I feel like ur just toying with me . But then again , I can't understand y I feel for you . Maybe seeing thing o wanted to see . To make my self feel good about liking you .
But I saw what u did u can't lie to me . U seduce me , u ignore me .,u smiled with me , then shut me out . U made me see unconditional love . Maybe I display.all these thing with out even knowing what I was doing . I cared about you . I never loved u like I do now . N I hate my self because u know and I can't hide anymore .

Your right so much chemistry between us , I m not worried about how or when or how it led up to this .

I just worried about going forward. I don't want this anymore . I just want to be free of you . If u can't love

me and I can't love u and if I'll never share anything . Then please just stop , I rather go back to darkness and ignorence cause at least back I was happy .I was free . I could go all day not even think about you. What u said what u wore . What ur doing . When u smile . When u look . Ur nothing , ur not even that cute . Ur not even special to me . U talk to me trash . U treat me trash ..never have time for me
by Travelers September 19, 2022
I really wish u stop . Bending over Infront of me. Looking at me .like that .

I wish u didn't do the thing u did
813 I m drowning,. In ur love . With ur love for the love I have for you .

I hate my self that I m not stronger . I hate you the most for being so amazingly perfect ,when u smile 😁

I trying so hard not to fell this love you . I trying so fucking hard .

U have no idea , no idea what is like for me . Is torture . Ur everywhere in everything. Your living life I m not mad I wouldn't even dare to stop you .

But I would give anything just for moment of your time , I hate it I hate that I can't spend time with you . I feel like I don't even know u anymore , is so hard to say anything to you cause I don't know what ur reaction will be cause I don't know you well . But I do miss you and your touch is all I dream about
by Travelers September 19, 2022
Mu mu you know who , is time for me and you to make mu.
There is not time like no time right now no time.
1111My life is changing eu ,maybe I see you in no time, for sometimes.now you see my eye are filled with sadness.

Cause eu I would bring you joy , and see you smile.when I see you around I'll be sad and not stare into the love of your hopeless eyes I can't embrace.

All those changes I have to face and accept and man up to the fact that I could never be ,not because of anything your doing is your life , that's my problem is not mine is yours ,the shadows is my only embrace.where silence is my my true love for letting you shine is all I love.

I never really understand what I miss about you but I guess seeing smile was truly something out of this world.thas my problem I feel so close to the starts , seeing you smile make me travel there to that place where I can't reach .and that's the sadness you see in my eye when I smile and laugh and joke and make fool out myself , hold back tear because of your smile , that shine so bright in the darkest places of my heart.
by Travelers September 19, 2022
Hate can be use just as a other word for love . (Strong emotion)Ashley (just random name UD has nice definition on it) Eunice ( cause is the sweetest thing my lips ever said )
Is Johnny ( y cause UD has some difination as well for that name that I like )
731 . I want everything with you . When u said I don't want any of this . All I was thinking was dam she took the words right out my mouth.
I hate and love you so much .
I can write and write.but I think u get it . All I see is you . Everywhere n everything. I just hate my self that I can't be happy anymore , that I have no control of my emotions anymore .

I can't wait to see u . I going to tell u how I feel regardless of what what happens regardless of f how u react cause I need to tell you my heart is your . It really is . Cause I have. So much and still I feel in complete but when u look at me , my world goes up in flame . I loose all though . I go breathless. I miss u so much it physically pain me . And that's what I hate cause the guy ur talking too giving all ur attention , he fine. And I not judging u for anything.

And I know my situation so yea I m really not judging . I just sit here everyday thinking about you and wishing it was easier for me to forget you. To forget this love I have to come known and grow for you. I need it to stop , I m loosing everyday peice of my sanity , my dignity , my respect . My self love. Everything I m loosing every day because I m love with you . Ur name mean good victory. Where is it I don't see it. I just see pain . I put my self through because of the love I have for you .
by Travelers September 19, 2022
Worst day of my life , year later , the hole is just deeper . U took my heart can I have it back please Eunice

It's been a year , u might read this u might not Ashley.

After a year this connection is killing me . I know u feel it and see it . I saw the way I look at me last time I saw u . I saw u bend over in the stair . I saw u look at me .

You know I m all for you . I read so much in ID I honestly.think its you . That's how fuck up I m because I m love with you .

I really wish I wasn't . I never wanted this . To love you like this . I did but not like this , I never imagined this. If I can go back and redo it . I would never write that.
926 I don't know maybe I would just be there seeing u all sexy but everyone else does so it's not a big deal .
Like ur just a regular girl , I try so hard to find reasons not to feel this n yet I still do . I don't even know why I m on writing.
But it's the only way to get it out . I go back in read . I tear up and hate my self cause I like I should be past this age where I fall in love with dream
I don't want this anymore.. I really don't .I don't want to wake thinking about u . I don't want to go all day telling my self not to go online ,she didn't even get on her self. I hate that for a year every time I see u I love u more . I want to be like the other guys ur with . I want to have the strength to look at u and not feel anything.
When ur around me u say and do things . That say u love me and think about me . If ur not going to confess then stop. Just stop please . I m trying so hard not to love you
by Travelers September 19, 2022


How are you

Good ,do u need something
915 I am so glad u responded . I'm being trying to reach out . The sorry * was for sorry for calling souch TF was for twin flame .

Why can't we just talk . But I understand why u would run . U u say no . U want to but don't give in.
I fight my self everyday for you. I know , trust me I know .

But I still choose you . I still choose you . I m not jealous or sad or mad . Just devastated I should be stronger. I shouldn't care that much . Shouldn't worry this much . I hope is not lust or love or anything I feel for you . I hope I just being dumb for liking you like I do . I hate how u have so much control over me , u just say the word and gladly lay my life down for you . Yes I would lol , I sacrifice it all to should u I care about you more then I should. U make me hate my self .but I hate u the most ,I m just another guy u don't even care about cause u know how I feel.
by Travelers September 19, 2022