11 of June also known as International Leftovers Day. This day marks international leftovers day. i ask that you stand in solidarity with millions of young Australians to eat left overs for one lunchtime. Together we can understand the pain of those who must eat microwaved leftovers, just to survive
yo bro its 11 june tomorrow what leftovers will you be eating

i hate 11 june all i get is microwaved chicken with a few peas if im lucky

11 june really if a special time for all those across the nation
by smailliw nehs June 4, 2020
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Hey, were you born on June 11
Yeah? Why
Your the hottest person I’ve ever seen
by Ponytailhand November 18, 2019
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heya if your birthday is on this day you cool af, just randomly hug people on this day. also you get a free hoodie from your bf or the dude you like!
Hey my birthdays june 11!! SO COOL WANT TI BE FRIENDS
hey want a hug

by brooke.skye4 March 23, 2021
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June 11th is the day you and all your friends throw a huge party everyone is invited and everyone vibes.
Hey isn’t June 11th when we throw a huge rave
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National hold my hand and give me kisses day-

On this day give your partner kisses and/or headpats
Me: it’s June 11
Them: *kisses*
by Your_local_simp June 3, 2021
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June’s 11th is national nice ass day. If you were born on this day you were blessed with a nice ass. Big or small, male or female, it’s nice regardless.
Becky: “my birthday is June 11th

Jen: “oh damn, okay sis, that explains the incredible booty you’ve got!”
by Bbtipto November 25, 2019
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only the hottest and bad ass peole are born on this mf day. don't try to argue with me cause i'm always right.
mf born on june 11 : GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS
random ass person : IT'S JUNE 11!!
mf born on june 11 : THAT'S RIGHT AND Y'ALL KNOW WHAT TO DO
random ass person : *starts worshipping the person born on june 11*

(it's 5 am and i haven't slept in 3 days)
by eatassfuckers August 26, 2021
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