anyone born on June 11th is a BAD BITCH, they are S E X Y they are I N C R E D I B L E they are UNSTOPPABLE THEY ARE SUPERIOR. and no i don’t have a June birthday i just have strong opinions.
“that gurl is so SEXY she mUST be born on june 11th!!!!!!”
by UMCHILEANYWAYSO October 19, 2019
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It June 11th you can grab or slap anyone or anything
by spsb June 10, 2019
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June 11th is Drop any boys you talk to unless you trust them 100% because they all wanna fuck.
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national tom hiddlestons day for 2021.

- we wanted to thank him for the great 20 years of acting , june 11th is also the day loki series drop , make sure to stream it!
omg its june 11th , tom hiddlestons day! Lets show him how proud we are of him.
by Esraaa April 19, 2021
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national call abby a ugly bitch day be sure to call all the abby’s ugly bitches
john: what day is it

abby: june 11th why

john: oh then you’re an ugly bitch
by your mom gey69 June 7, 2021
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it's national slap your shortest friend in the back day! this day will be on june 11th
tall friend: *slaps short friend in the back*
short friend: WHY DID YOU DO THAT??
tall friend: it's june 11th...
by daphene November 7, 2019
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june 11th 2008, made this for the only bad betch i know.😌
by mine <3 June 17, 2021
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