£10 bag of skunk !!!!!!!
"mush sort me out wit a 10 bag"
by Kafourous November 30, 2004
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oi i smoked an entire 10 bag last night i was well whipped
by MC Majingo June 9, 2016
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The description given to a girl who has a top body but an upsettingly ugly face. If forced to have sex with said girl, a bag over the face method will be used to shield the man's eyes from the face, and thereby making the girl a ten out of ten.
"oi blud i tapped leona lewis yday!"
"ugh she's butters... Bag 10!"
*high five*
by gk-- July 18, 2009
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This is referring to chasing that bag, and making money, before worrying about sex and women.
Friend 1: "Bro, girls are so expensive, and nymphonic"

Friend 2: "Bro, just remember 1st Bruhthosians 10:24 "Bag Before Shag""
by d3ad0live September 27, 2021
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