A way to describe how high an individual is or will be after smoking weed or taking shrooms and or acid.
1) Dude, I've smoked soo much I feel like I'm crossing the bridge man.
2) Man I haven't smoked in a minute, can't wait to cross the bridge tonight.
by Yaboiben September 23, 2015
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a bridge you cross to take you to the salty side.
susan crossed the salt bridge when she wasn’t elected for student body president.

sean cried while crossing the salt bridge after vanessa rejected his promposal.
by mediocre effort April 4, 2018
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an expression for when an animal, usually a beloved pet, passes away. they are “crossing the rainbow bridge” to heaven.
my friends cat just crossed the rainbow bridge. she’s pretty upset
by toocurlyQ4u March 23, 2021
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Similar to crossing the Delaware, (i.e. oral sex going between vagina and anus) but more locally defined as going from the fishy bit to the shitty bit.
My husband obviously likes driving at work, he always tells me how much he enjoys crossing the Humber Bridge several times a day.
by Rab54 December 10, 2017
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To lick the choad during oral sex.
Austin: I went out with Jenny Saturday night and ate the pussy.
Keller: Did you cross the bridge?
Austin: You know I did!
by Kellerino July 7, 2018
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