January 6, 2021, a day of infamy during which an army of dumb fucks attempted and failed a coup of the United States.
"On 1/6, the adherents of an orange neon god stormed the U.S. Capitol Building, trashed it, and sent the Senate and House of Representatives fleeing to safety; five people died, one of them a police officer."
by Bugszy January 9, 2021
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stand for romans 1:16 in the bible the fraze was made bye the 1-1-6 clique to show they ain't ashamed of the gospil of christ
there is no ex for 1 1 6
by Trip B August 14, 2006
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Inspired by the insurrection at the U.S. Capital on January 6: it is the moment when callous disregard for the suffering of others becomes and reveals itself as blood thirst
I knew he didn’t care but not until I saw his 1/6 moment did I realize how violent he was.
by Deadvegan March 17, 2021
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516 is the area code for Nassau County, New York on Long Island. The 516 includes excellent places to blaze up the chronic, including HEMPsted, Jones Beach, and Teddy Roosevelt's grave.
It's much better to blaze up in the 516 than in the 631 with all those Suffolk County pussy poseurs.
by Oyster Bay Playa December 5, 2004
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Ace’s comment on 1/6/23
H: Dayum she dummy thicc
I: It’s the comment of 1/6/23
J: ?
I: Ace’s comment on J’s page (Not you of course)
J: *visible confusion*
by Ace the simp March 4, 2023
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See ¥
Simmilar to $. Japanese yen. Also a great shout out while online gaming.
100,000¥ ($)
That costs 10 alternate 0 1 6 5
by awiergan March 13, 2005
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This mathematic slogan is used by the Irish republican movement and by supporters of an unified Ireland. It expresses the wish and struggle to unite Ireland once again. It is often seen on t-shirts or bumper stickers.

"26" refers to the 26 counties that form the Irish Republic.

"6" means the 6 remaining counties (Fermanagh, Tyrone, Derry, Antrim, Down, Armagh) in Northern Ireland, which belong to Britain.

"1" finally represents the united Ireland as one Republic.
-"Ya see that "26+6=1"-sticker on that van?"
-"That's the car of Mrs. O'Hare, her husband sat in Long Kesh for two years."
by Bottlekiller July 2, 2009
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