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A segment of the population (and originally the biker population) defined by behavior that is morally incomprehensible to most people. A common (and by some accounts required) 'feat' to earn "%1" designation: To have eaten a woman out while she is on the rag.

Also, refers to the known killer(s) within a biker gang by it's members. Though this is falling into disuse.

1%'s most common meaning is simply "crazy", with the specific connetation of an unknown hidden deeper direction of the one who is 1%.
"No way should you deal with that guy, he's 1%"
by Brendan October 10, 2004
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What someone texts you if their phone is on one percent, they can't get to a charger, and they are nice enough to inform you why they won't be potentially texting you. Could also be used as an excuse not to text someone.
by ill.matic_ September 08, 2015
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A segment of the biker population, comprising about 78.3%, that imagine themselves to be outlaws.
Proud to be 1%!
by timecube June 17, 2004
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A nickname given to a person who does the following

*Whistles way too much
*Says random annoying things just to get attention
*Constantly tries touching you
*Has weird lame obsessions (EX. Charlie brown/Superman)
*Is super tall (kinda giraffe like)
Carly: Hey Wyat stop being such a 1% its really starting to piss me off!
Wyat: I cant help it! once a 1% always a 1%...I cant change it I was just born like this! Can you tell me what 1% really means?
Carly: Well it means way more then this definition on but I wont ever tell you!
Wyat: (starts LOUDLY whistling)
by Parrot Luver January 23, 2011
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someone that is most likely in a bikie gang that sells crack cocaine. These people can be seen in 21 jump street and in rough neighbourhoods all around the world.
"I got a bad feeling about this guy"
"I think he's 1%"
by notshrek May 16, 2016
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A piss weak attempt to pick someone up (liking a photo or a lame comment)
Scotty is throwing down those 1%s incase it doesn't work out with his missus.
by sitcheh August 23, 2017
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The 1% rule refers to the 1% of complete fanatics in any group. In every group there is the portion who brings the ideas of the group to the extreme, or into places that the group never intended.

Most of the time these members are out to harm, and not to uphold the group's ideals. They tend to migrate from popular group to popular group, and are commonly the most vocal.

It is important to note that these individuals do not stand for the group. They go to places where they can expel their hatred and get noticed in their tantrums. They have no love or thought for the group itself, only what attention they can get out of it.
"The 1% took over the Undertale fandom now, they're posting a bunch of hate."
"That 1% of pro-lifers just started a riot at Richmond, one person was murdered, and multiple injured."
"She tried to defend a guy at the rally from a crowd of 1% jerks, they were throwing glass bottles."
"I got threatened by a guy from the bottom of the 1% today. He hated me for posting about how cute kittens and puppies are."
by Absent_Listener January 15, 2019
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