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A suffix that can be attached to just about any noun in the English language.

You can have a shoegasm, chocogasm, hottiegasm, hippiegasm, musigasm, artgasm.
Whatever makes you "cream your jeans", persay. Just shorten the word up and stick gasm on the end and you can use it as a noun.
"I had a total Musigasm when I went to the String Cheese Incident show at Bonnaroo."
by Wendy Lane 3/4 December 03, 2004
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An exceedingly cool guy who makes girls orgasm by the wink of an eye. He is the embodiment of a "cool dood". He has enormous muscles, is in a fraternity, and loves the number 69. He is often confused with the famous south park character, Eric Cartman. Most importantly the Gasm never forgets to "Finger Check"
His friends call him "Gasm".... Im going for it.
by Dooderz1 August 29, 2010
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Having an explosive, out of mind and body orgasm. The exclamation point should always be first and pronounced with a "tongue click"-gasm
After a day of texting naughty messages back and forth my spice make sure to give me a !gasm.
by tondalayashugundala February 07, 2010
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"gasm" is a root word meaning intense. It is commonly combined to form Joygasm, orgasm, assgasm, etc.
by awiergan May 31, 2005
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Suffix for something that is extremely good.
ie Tonguegasm - something tasting extremely good
by ToxicLove999 July 08, 2005
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Suffix used to describe the elated feeling caused by a particular item, which can be attached to any noun to create the desired effect.
That hawaiian bread is so freaking good, every time I eat it i get a breadgasm.
I was walking through the department store, when I ran across this HUGE clearance sale... I almost had a sale-gasm.
by MandyM June 09, 2006
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An orgasm you get from being on a roller coaster. Highly stimulated from being rocked around.
You're most likely to scream out "Yes!" several times when having a 'gasm.
by elephantluvr3 July 14, 2009
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