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A festival in celebration of white middle-class entitlement disguised as a conglomeration of (ironically) "cutting edge folk music". Peer-reviewed science journals have roundly agreed that the music is best classified as "a cross between bovine excretia and some 20 year olds banging on their mother's pots and pans with the black dido she slept with inside her cavernous fart hole".

The name "Bonnaroo" is coined from Bono (of U2 fame) and kangaroo. When Bono found a wild wallaby in the jungles of Tennessee, their eyes locked in electric lust and they instantly clambered into the 69 position and proceeded to tongue-feast each other's flaky, yeasty, swollen vaginas. Bono, in his trademark idiocy, told the wallaby upon satisfactory completion: "I will remember our love forever, kangaroo man". To which, replied the wallaby: "Your pussy crumbs make my mustache itch. Nice sunglasses, dickhole".

Bonnaroo is celebrated on the exact site in which Bono rammed 2 twigs up his ass in an effort to create a campfire via friction, but only succeeded in igniting the copious amounts of reeking intestinal gas that he has for years released at a controlled rate through his mouth in an exercise he called "singing". Bono thusly launched himself into space, and in celebration, mankind has joyously listened to equally shit music on that spot.
Lettuce go to thine Bonnaroo und Mien Kampf the shizzy out of El Toro de Noche.
by Wrecktum June 18, 2016
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1) Referenced from a Dr. John song, "Decidedly Bonnaroo," supposedly is Cajun for "great time" 2) an amazing music festival in the cow fields of Manchester, Tennessee held in mid-June since 2001. It brings the best jam bands, rock, jazz, blues, reggae, bluegrass, hip hop, and blues together with 90000 music fiends for a beautiful amalgamation of substance abuse, mud, and music.
"Bonnaroo is gonna be tight this year! Did you see the line up? Trey's playing!"
by Trey March 03, 2005
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1. noun. A concert/camping festival in Tennessee. Most people think it's about jambands and hippies but the festival covers all music from bluegrass, indie, rock, country, reggae, etc.

2. adjective. Can be used as an expression of something that is really great, groovy, awesome.
As in, holy crap you guys, we are going to have so much fun tonight, rocking out and partying. I am so excited. Let's do it up bonnaroo style. Yeah. Woohoo Bonnarooooooo!
by Alexa Bonnaroo June 29, 2006
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A large music festival held in Mid June every year in Manchester, TN. The festival is located on a 700 acre field where patrons have the option to camp or sleep in their RV's. Bonnaroo is known for its popular artists, 24 hour music, and hippy lifestyle all guests can enjoy for four days. At Bonnaroo, drugs are just as easy to find as music is, which is very easy.
Dude that party was so Bonnaroo!
Dude, I am so fucked up I almost Bonnarooed in my pants!
by Bonnadude July 12, 2009
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