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Actually used to join related words. Not to be confused with an em dash, or a fucking period.

See, 14-year old girls confuse hyphens with periods and commas. They use it to end a sentence and/or split clauses; not even to indicate interruption.
Correct usage: People say it's a myth that the average American speaks 0.7 languages fluently, but with TikTok girls' bull-fuckery, it sounds about right.

Incorrect Usage: I disagree-
by Galactipod November 24, 2020
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1. Slight sins or offenses
2. Petty crimes or small infractions
3. Las Vegas Punk Rock!
Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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The reply people give to you after you say something retarded to show that they have no words in response of what you just said. Mostly used in Discord conversations.

Basically another kind of "."
Person 1: Lol, ur gay i got a bigger toe than u lol
Person 2: -
by damn daniel, back at it again November 03, 2018
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An overused way to express confusion or "wtf" on the internet. "i-" is probably what took this shit trend off. Favored by weebs
Brady: I just shat into a coke bottle lol
Andy: what-
Brady: just because you added that dash to the end of your sentence, i'm dropping yout sorry ass. Shut the fuck up Andy
by skateApe16 November 11, 2020
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Used in IM conversations to indicate the presence of a letter in a typed word that does not belong and should be omitted. This is a quick alternative to using the full correction, which is preceded by a *.

Often, the word that the erroneous letter appeared in is not indicated by the typer, leaving a bit of guesswork for the reader. However '-' should generally be limited for use only where minor typographical errors have occured to avoid this potential confusion.
Correct usage..
Guy: Hey, did you watch that showq?
Guy: -q

Incorrect usage..
Dude: Yeah, it was awsesmomet
Dude: -s
Dude: -m
Dude: -t
Guy: Awesome, perhaps?
by shaun_b August 09, 2005
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a hyphen. it's just a mother-fucking hyphen. You use it with compound words and preceded by "oft-" if you're feeling fancy.
Millennial A: Hey what's with the - thing?

Millennial B: Not sure bud. It's either a minus sign or that thing some idiots put between 1 and D.
by needsnointroduction January 21, 2014
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To delete, remove, mark down, subtract, defriend..etc
I megan -'ed last night. (Megan minused) meaning "I deleted Megan last night"

I just beer -'ed. (beer minused) meaning emptied my beer (normally in the restroom).

I just -'ed facebook. I just removed facebook.
by Ag Arillon July 20, 2011
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