An even more bored '-' face, or sometimes confused or not impressed.
You: I ate lasagna for lunch...
Me: "-"
by Golem8 March 08, 2020
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In messaging or texting, a - acts In the same way as a * when correcting. If I word just plain shouldn't be there and makes the sentence pure confusing, you don't gotta type everything over again, just minus out the world you didn't mean to throw in there.
Me: So I met the this really cool girl named taylor on FaceBokk the other day be

Me: -be
Me: *Taylor
Me: *Facebook
by Spottyatbest September 13, 2020
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Used by many people who don't know how to end a sentence and causes annoyance
Person 1 - Hey, a new update for Firefox is coming out.

Person 2 - What the fuck-

Person 1 - Learn to talk correctly before you speak.
by thedavetime159 April 04, 2021
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Negative eg -4, -7, -3
-3 + 1 = -2
4 + -4 = 0
3 + -5 = -2
by Saetern June 13, 2018
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