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.اگر نم پس بدن جالب میشه!اینه که نم یعنی مال!!! این کلمه دو زبانه میتواند محسوب شود +(nam or نم means moisture)like in this sentence:God I am happy,when they returned me my remainder.(This word is and can be use bilingual).Like as these two,examples:
1-I tried to ask my father:give me نم in return,but I was unfortunate to take dough!
2-Viva! at daddy,I and my boy friend owned some thing of each,when he gave us any نم, ten dollars!
3-رویایی تر میشه ایننم رو پس بدی نه این که ناز وادا...
by bad,good? September 10, 2019
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