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{WFH}Is the original Clan Tag for an online Gaming clan Founded in May of 2000, making it one of the oldest still functioning gaming clan/guilds. It was founded Originally on in the game Star Craft by Hellfire and ZhaoYun, though has spanned across many communities and games since. Original members also included Matrix and Beast. Original Consisting of Division and Squadrons most notable being Dynasty, Mercenary, Zombie, SoL, Ceir Family and Balrog. Additional Tags included (WFH), W(F)H, WFH, )Fa, (SoL), (MFH), (DFH), (CFH). Notable Past and Present Members include Hellfire, Matrix, E'trnal, ToneBoogie, Gala'Ceir, NvK, Raptor, DuoMaxwelle, Ravik, HamHandler, RustyReaper, Stealth, Necro'Ceir, VenomCeir, Deathwalker9000, Grau, Kw255, DanFrankish, Jezzer, RoboCeir
{WFH} is going to lose again.
{WFH} who? never heard of them.
The Ceir Family has {WFH} on life support.
by WFHest2000 August 17, 2016
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