Used after a sarcastic retort to inform those too stupid to detect sarcasm by themselves. This is never spoken, only written, and generally only used in online forums or instant messenging and such.
Person A: You're so smart.
Person B: Thanks.
Person A: Whoops, forgot to include my sarcasm tags. <sarcasm> You're so smart. </sarcasm>
by Join the Alliance. August 26, 2006
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Used in chats and conversations every day, "</sarcasm>" is used to denote sarcasm. In HTML programming, tages are ended with a "/", such as </b> for bold text. Usually one would say a sarcastic remark, and then use </sarcasm> to indicate that he has finished his sarcasm. It pwns your mom.
Yeah, I DIDN'T do you mom last night.

by backtothefuture October 24, 2003
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Inspired from BB code, sarcasm/sarcasm are used to denote sarcastic passages in one's text when their nature is rendered ambiguous by the inability of varying tone of voice or communicating exaggerated gestures, as would be the case in person-to-person conversation. This is especially useful when the said passages could easily be misinterpreted as offensive, dimwitted or otherwise unfunny. While perfectly acceptable on the internet, the use of "bracket sarcasm end-bracket" in day-to-day conversation is considered socially awkward and should be refrained from.
Usage of sarcasm/sarcasm:

sarcasm"Insert text here"/sarcasm

Example :

"sarcasmOh my! It appears as if the oil industry is once again taking initiatives to save the environment. They have our best interests at heart and never buy patents for ludicrous sums of money that would otherwise render their industry unprofitable./sarcasm

(Notice this is the end of the sarcastic passage and the beginning of the normally-read passage)

I'm white and love grape soda.

(This passage was NOT sarcastic)"
by DeLorean_4 December 22, 2011
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Sarcasm/Sarcasm is when something you say is sarcastic. It is necessary since it's practically impossible to tell sarcasm online as you would confuse what they say as stupidity or something. You put "Sarcasm" at the beginning of the sarcastic sentence, put sarcastic words, then put "/Sarcasm" to end the sarcastic sentence.
SarcasmI'm sure glad that they're littering on the floors and beaches. Isn't it great that sea turtles will eat the plastic, choke, and die instead of eating jellyfish. Who needs to use garbage cans anyway?/Sarcasm

This was an example of a sarcastic sentence.

I like Orange Fanta soda.

This was not an example of a sarcastic sentence.

Note that Sarcasm/Sarcasm was used.
by HawaiianPunch1 June 15, 2023
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The ability to insult idiots without them realizing it.
Idiot: I beat up a ten year old today.
You: That's impressive! (with a hint of sarcasm)
Idiot: I know, right!
by Adrusi December 31, 2011
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Because beating the crap out of people is illegal.
by FlamingElf October 27, 2011
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A tongue of which the user speaks of something the complete opposite of what the user means. It often has the best comedic value.
Ex. 1: "I'm okay. Don't mind the gaping wound and the sword protruding from my back. I'm fine. Feel like a million fucking bucks, dammit."

Ex. 2:
"Is your car stuck in the mud?"
"No, no, of course not. I'm only practicing how to spray mud using my tires.

by Drake Aldan April 6, 2004
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