A tone indicator placed at the end of online messages to show that they are said in a joking manner, not to be taken seriously.
A: I hate people who curse. If you've ever said a bad word, block and unfollow me right now. /j
by demonkoala October 14, 2020
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/j is part of a tone/emotion tagging system over text. It means joking, hence what the ‘j’ is standing for. So this tone tag is placed after a joke that was sent over text.

It is one of many ways to convey what the tone, lightness, seriousness, and humor is used in a text. You place it at the end a message.

This system was created for and by neurodivergent people who struggle to read the intended tone of something said over text, but everyone can and should use them. There are many others such as /srs (serious), /s (sarcastic), /lh (light-hearted), /hj (half-joking), etc.

by peachiejam October 22, 2020
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A tag used to signify if a statement is a joke. Commonly used on Twitter, Reddit, and other text-sharing social platforms.
OMG If Ariana Grande doesn't release a new song soon, I'm gonna hunt her down and light her house on fire /j
by ChickenScrxtch82 January 3, 2021
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A word people use on TikTok when they’re joking.
by SniperMask‘s Whore April 5, 2021
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When hiring someone through online apps such as social media platforms!
by Stram Kurs April 25, 2021
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Joking (Obviously you dumb whore what else would it be)
Person 1: Zoe Laverne is so hot /j

Person 2: Better be a mf joke.
by Wassup baby ;) June 13, 2021
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