A person who said the n word and fake cries on live to get her fandom back
Isn’t that Zoe Laverne the racist girl
by Joe momma91847 June 15, 2020
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Pedophile who uses her fame and looks to lure 23 year old kids.
Zoe Laverne: Connor and I were just in a a dark place, and we just caught feelings!

Everyone: How is that normal?
by Pewkiplier November 16, 2020
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A nonce.
A pedo.
A kiddy fiddler.
A perv.
Shall i carry on?
Person 1: omg i loooove kids!!!!
Person 2: Ew dude who are you Zoe Laverne?? Thats nasty.
by basicwhitebitchxo December 1, 2020
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A girl who cheats and lies to get away with it. She can be very aggressive and inappropriate. She vapes in front of her fans and encourage them to do it to. She is a hoe.
Person 1:” You know that girl who vapes and lies to her fans on Instagram “
Person 2:”you must be talking about Zoe Laverne
by Rose.pinaple May 22, 2019
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Zoe Laverne is a mistake an ugly rat. Zoe’s a clown too everyone hates her and her fandom is a bunch of hoes they’re hoenuts lol. I can’t believe cody made a mistake getting back with Zoe that’s just messed up cody messed up lol
Zoe Laverne
by Ihatezoelaverne December 14, 2019
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A hoe who cheated, had sex while babysitting, bullied multiple fans, vaped, made sexual images, said the n word, flashed her live twice, her fans when to faking kidnapping “zonuts” or her fandom, told fans how to cut and vape, faked mental illness, held a gun to her head, which were choices and not mistakes, she also turned off her comments because she’a a pussy, and all in front of her extremely young fucked up audience. She is also as flat as a pancake.
Why isn’t Zoe Laverne cancelled again?!
by person with knowledge May 24, 2020
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An attention seeking whore who cries for attention on Instagram lives and plays the victim for every single situation
Friend 1: I just watched this girl cry on Instagram live saying she was being bullied and stuff
Friend 2: Must have been Zoe Laverne
by bill.dxj March 19, 2020
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