A rudeAttitude. If someone has a hella rude attitude, you could say they had a rude tude.
Man ...... That fisizzle is a foxy buck with a rude tude! Fo shizzle.
by fisizzle March 03, 2004
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A dumb big oafy stupid moron. Usually drives a big ugly truck, and is always complaining. Also known as mctoodlepoose, mctude with fries, or Toad pie.
Pack a bowl Po, oh wow your such a Tude.
by ERoneuous March 16, 2008
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a shortened version of attitude, the lazy mans vocab, a true way to identify your laziness. one who isnt afraid to start a new trend
dude whats with the tude!?

turn down the tude.

sick tude man.

i like your tude man

yo hes given you tude
by picklemaster1789 May 29, 2010
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Someone who has a poor, negative attitude.
He was screaming at me because he didn't want to go to my parents' house for dinner. He is such a tude.
by Milo Love July 19, 2007
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A word, used to represent something that you're thinking but cannot sum up how to say it out loud. It is often a negative connotation used as a noun, adjective or a verb.
"No way, he's behaving like a total tude."
"Why is this guy tuding around?"
"Dudes, that's so totally tude worthy."
by biggreenbear October 07, 2009
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a)a word meaning female genitalia.
b)it can also be used at the end of any word
a)"shes got a flappy tude"
b)"bungatude" "fettucini alfredatude"
by ashbox April 19, 2007
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