pronunciation: nay'd

Short for grenade. Can also be combined with adjectives to describe different types of grenades:

Smoke nade: Grenade that spews smoke when thrown, typically carried by covert ops for the purpose of concealing their movement.

Frag nade: The 'frag' can waither be taken as fragment (aka shrapnel) or frag as in kill. The frag nade is your typical grenade for the purpose of killing.

Flash nade: When thrown, this grenade gives off el muchos lightos, blinding the enemy. Some variations of the flash nade also make a loud bang to temporarily deafen the enemy.

Rifle nade (or riffnad): Grenade attatched to the end of a gun (typically a sniper rifle without a scope) that can be launched a short distance and explodes on, or shortly after, impact. A primitive grenade launcher.
Hurry up and throw a smoke nade so we don't get shot!
by enjuneer October 05, 2003
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Short for Grenade, and used with many of the same meanings. The one I see missing is "A short bottle of Mickey's". They are short, round, green bottles of cheap beer that vaguely resemble a grenade.
Yo, 'nade me. To translate: Hey man, toss me a Mickey's.
by Qjedi December 10, 2006
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Nade is a common term for the word grenade in video games. It is also used as a username for the people with the worst aim.
Nade is a terrible player OMG.
I am currently nading A site.
via giphy
by FanboyNade April 21, 2020
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When your best friend brings his hot girlfriend to the party and that hot girlfriend brings her fugly friend. The fugly friend is referred to as the 'grenade' or 'nade for short. This nickname is derived from the concept of jump on the grenade.
Dude, Lindsey brought this beat-ass girl Cassie to the party...what a fuckin' nade.

go green machine.
by B'jackoff October 15, 2004
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marijuana characterized as being "kill" (chronic)
sup y'all I was girpin' of that nade the other day
by Scottie White April 12, 2006
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an explosive; hand grenade; or any other type of explosive that could potentially kill you in a video game or in actuality. Nade, in gaming, refers to a grenade (fragment, flash bang, smoke).
"He just got owned by a nade"
by JDWG March 24, 2008
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