Nickname for a British kid (usually from London) who believes that he is the Joker.
That guy, nade, has pale white skin and green hair.
by >>>harley quinn<<< March 09, 2007
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An unattractive date you take to an event or group date because their friends are going with your friends. Refers to taking a grenade for your friends. Can be viewed as 'taking one for the team' or being a good wingman/wingwomen.
"Come on, take a 'nade for us"
"Maddie won't go to date night with me unless you take a 'nade with you"
by One_For_One October 26, 2016
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A chicks name. Usually a short chick often having dark hair. Always sexy. She's a unicorn in a field of fairy dust in a rainstorm of titty sprinkles
Here comes Nade.. Man I would live to tongue punch her fart box.
by __Digit__ November 06, 2017
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Someone outgoing, good looking, and overall amazing. They have a few kinks but they are far outweighed by the pros. Never let them go!
Nade is really nice, wish she was around more often
Nade can fucking get it
by Myagodess215 November 25, 2019
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being nade means you are the perfect couple, you are emotionally and physically attatched to eachother. Being nade means you are the perfect match, your faces go and your personalities go and usually if you are in a nade relationship, the girl is beautiful, intelligent and funny so the guys that ever get to get into a nade relationship you should be thankful.
*couple walks past in the streets/schoo/wherever*

Randomer: Oh my gosh, they are so cute!

Another randomer: Obviously, they are a nade couple!!! I mean look at them
by Pat Myhynie April 30, 2012
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nade means u don't have a big cock infact it means u have a drawingpin sized one
Man ur cock is like nade
by Red0x April 09, 2003
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