is what im doin every day u have practice
Shawn: yo Billy get over here
Billy: what
Shawn: guess what I do while your at practice
Billy: what bro?
Shawn: #yourmom!!! >:D
by DrxpTrxp February 23, 2019
The belief that everything was created by your mom.

... She got around.
Finally, an explanation.
by Waka waka Om nom nom January 6, 2011
a disease deeply affecting the brain and mouth as a result of one saying too many "your mom" jokes.
Cassidy - "Doctor! Doctor! Something is wrong with me!"
Doctor - "What seems to be the problem?"
Cassidy - "Your mom's a problem!"
Doctor - "Oh no.. it seems you have a rare case of yourmomitis.."
by your mom has a fake name September 5, 2011
The saying that is to insult one acording to the status of ones mother. Can be related to anyone or anything. Rediculously halrious when taken offencive to, or ment to be offencive.
your mom goes to collage, thats what your mom said, ya ill take it to your mom, your mom is a door, etc
by Big K Lovin ... Word January 11, 2005
A nickname used by people who play FPS games online and can't think of a nickname of their own or just want to look like smartasses. On some of those games, when a player gets killed, he gets the message "You were killed by <killer's nickname>". If the killer's nickname is "yourmom", the message will look like the example below.
You were killed by yourmom.
by Captain Sham October 22, 2005
Yourmoming is when you're doing something but you don't want to specify what you are doing
Rowan: What are you doing?
Charles: Yourmoming
Rowan; What's that? What's yourmoming?
Charles: something....S
by milcu727272 December 7, 2022
The belief that having sexual intercourse with your mom is the only true economic system.
Person 1: "Is he communist?"
Person 2: "No he believes in yourmomism"
Person 1: "Oh ok, based"
by PerhapsXK April 7, 2021