Hashtag-Noun. Spawned from the ever powerful Twitter Machine, this symbol (#) has become a new way to add a thought, or some up the thought of, a sentence, giving it more clarity, and often, more wit. Most commonly found in tweets, FB status, and comments (in that order)
"Just eat an entire sleeve of oreos cookies in 8 mins #highlife"

"Wegmans didnt have MY kind of Organic Milk, so i had to by that silk shit instead #whitegirlproblems"

"Going car shopping today because my last car caught on FIRE #nbd

by KennyPowell July 19, 2011
1) (v) to attract, through social media, attention to political issues so important to you that you are ready to go on a crusade in order to defend said issues.

2) (n): something that, prior to the advent of the social media phenomenon, was known as a 'pound key') on your phone.
I am going to hashtag ''Mitt Romney for president'', and no i won't press the hashtag-pound key- on my phone, because it doesn't serve any purpose.
by Sexydimma October 10, 2014
Hashtagging (v.) The act of having sex while smoking hash. Derived from "to tag" meaning, "To have sex with," and "hash" meaning "hash."
"We were bored & nothing was on TV, so Becky and I spent the evening #hashtagging
by JamesBeam October 15, 2010
A hashtag (#) is used most commonly in tweets to signify that you have autism.
Dana: "#swag"
Me: "I can't write hashtags on my keyboard so I'm same from this cancer. By the way, swag means secretly we are gay."
Dana: "I said #SWAG"
Me: "Alright, good to know that you're gay too."
Dana: "Wait what"
by Yoda's Ass June 18, 2017
When hash smokers get a quote on the price of the amount of hash they're buying from the dealer. it is written on a little tag, much like a price tag and is found at the pickup spot.
yo man I get the hashtag lastnight behind the BigD. this mofo is asking 200 big ones for a teenth
by Swaggdady March 5, 2013
Its a tag used to talk about an especif subject on twitter.
Once all the users use it, it gets a lot easier to search subjects at the http://search.twitter.com/
#bailout I cant believe they're refusing the deal.

In this case, the hashtag is #bailout.
by danielemarques September 29, 2008
A scent that the Tag Fragrance Company(A division of Proctor & Gamble) attempted to market to the "stoners" or "potheads" in the western part of the United States and Southwest Canada. The market research focus groups took place in three cities, Seattle, San Francisco, and British Columbia. It seemed to be going well during the initial phases of the tests. Everybody loved how it smelled "earthy and sweet" at first, but did not like however, that after a few minutes, there was a "noticeable, underlying funk that just wouldn't wash off or go away."(Much like the members of these groups and the couches that they happened to be staying on at the time. Respectively.) They did try to overcome that hurdle by adding patchouli oil to the concoction, but found it only temporarily masked the stench. The Tag Fragrance Company and Proctor & Gamble, at the advisement of their corporate lawyers, ultimately decided against the release of Hashtag when the test subjects were caught deliberately concentrating, then inhaling the contents of the spray cans out of giant balloons in an effort to "catch a free buzz".
"Uh, dude..... If they sell hashtag at the co-op or natural market you go to, let me know and... uh, what was i saying bro? Oh yea...uh.... let me know if they will trade for like, these hummus burritos I got, or these hacky sacks my friend Rainbow made out hemp seeds and old dreadlocks. Hey dude wanna get a hack circle goin? Wait... oh yea, if they have it, just let me know so I can go steal some.
by E-tabb May 22, 2013