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Same definition as cock blocker but said in Spanish BP= "Bloqueador de pene." It is used when the term CB would be too obvious for use in a formal environment i.e office. When a friend or person prevents one from hooking up with a potentional mate. Usually done on purpose by a friend or person that will go to extreem lengths to prevent one from hooking up or getting some. These individuals of interception usually have the hater mentallity of, "Fuck that guy/girl!!, If I can't get it, they can't eather!!
Conversation taking place in an office, "Jose is such a "BP", if he cannot get any he will make sure no one does!"


Avila, that guy!!! He does not have anything better to do in the office other than play with photoshop and be a "BP"!!! What a douchebag!!!
by bpedby.J.A.again February 01, 2007
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