4 definitions by cahootsk

When a guy is lying down and a chick teabags his forehead. The chick then uses her ejaculate to slick back his hair 1950s style.
"She totally gave me a Dapper Dan!" *handshakes friend*
by cahootsk December 5, 2009
Hotcakes made with cock sauce or covered in cock sauce. Considered a delicacy in Potter County.
They're selling like hotcocks!
by cahootsk August 15, 2008
The same thing as rape, but safer. A rape that is done by a trust-worthy fellow without disease and murderous intent, so you can live out that rape fantasy and not be traumatized afterwards.
"Ouch! Not so rough! Since when did you start working for Saferapes?"
by cahootsk December 5, 2009