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A legislative body that has the real power. They fund and create laws and programs, impeach, and confirm appointments. The president almost always has to get past them before anything can be done. I can understand why its easy to blame the president for everything that is wrong because there is only one president and hundreds of congresspeople, but if you really want to have a voice, get off your butt and contact your local congressperson
Write to your local Senator or Congressperson
by remeber me! July 25, 2010
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A recently founded (as of August 8, 2010) alternative to the Tea Party. Most of the members there are either disillusioned ex-Tea Party members or liberals. Some of its doctrines include finding a way to unite the country and have open dialogue between the citizens and government. It does not get much attention, but it exists. Although it does have some of the same problems that the Tea Party has such as having radical goals and weak leadership.
Person 1: "What's the Coffee Party?"

Person 2: "Its where people go who left the Tea Party"
by remeber me! August 9, 2010
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