A picture of one's rear-end, with or without underwear. (preferably nice ones)
"Yo Mike, I got Amanda's booty pics! 10/10"
by Andrini February 23, 2014
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Picture of somones ass, with or without underwear, Nothing over the underwear.
I just got a booty pic
by Lolblazeitmydude March 11, 2017
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1. Simply a pic/photograph of someone's or your own posterior/buttocks. (Commonly used to solicit or accquire scintillating photos.)

2. a pic/photograph of loot/swag/plunder.
In my dm's Joe always asks for bare booty pics, I never send them though.

The columnist took booty pics of the theft for evidence to run with the story.
by Tangentially Inclined September 9, 2018
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April 16th is national bootypic day, when you send this to any girl they have to send you one and they can’t say no
“Hey dude, ima ask her for a booty pic today, because it’s national booty pic day and this girl can’t say no
by Jake hager April 15, 2020
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when you intentionally show off your ass in a pic or a video.
Reagan’s streaks are booty pics
by exposeabitch101 May 24, 2019
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Every woman is obliged to send booty pictures to her boyfriend / spouse on Booty Picture Saturday
It's Booty Pic Saturday and my Girlfriend haven't sent me Booty Pics
by exet March 12, 2021
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on april 30 people send pictures or there butt with out without underwear
Jesse u have to “Send a booty pic”

ok then i’ll do it
by greg horfoiled April 30, 2020
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