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A pizza deal from dominos that Herman Cain decided to change slightly to 9-9-9 to come up with a catchy slogan for his campaign for his stance on tax reform
Bro 1: Hey I think Herman Cain is a great candidate this economic his 9-9-9 plan is great!
Bro 2: You know he stole that plan from Dominos 5-5-5 deal

Bro 1: Dude I love Pizza I am voting for him for sure now
Bro 2: facepalms
by Jacque Costeau November 20, 2011
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Used mainly by Thais; 5 in their language sounds like "ha",so this mos tlikely means "hahaha".Used a lot in online video games.
"555! I pwned teh monster!"
by Omg November 11, 2002
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A wierd way of saying "hahaha" - apparently
Talked to a Thai guy and he said that in Thailand saying '555' meant 'hahaha'
So.. I guess this may be useful to know :P.. maybe
Pijit (Thai guy): 555
Me: Whaaat!?
Pijit: it is laughing in Thai. 5 = ha, 55 = haha, 555 = hahaha!
Me: ...good to know
by SceneChild001 July 12, 2009
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555 is the number of man
(666 is the number of devil)
"If you're 555 than I'm 666"
-Slipknot: Heretic Anthem
by TheDementedDemon February 27, 2003
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Number occuring between 554 and 556. That's all it is.
If you're 666 then I'll kick your ass.
by Poop sex ninjas May 06, 2003
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