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fundementlist christian and owner of large corporate empire noted for far right policies and extreme religious veiws
jesus would'nt spit on pat robertson if he was on fire
pat robertson is either a hypocrite and a liar or a lunitic and a monster the difficult part is deciding which
by zombiejack June 11, 2004
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billionare media mogul, owns numerous companys and corporations notibly several television channels such as fox in the usa and sky in the uk also noted for his far right views and his ruthless manipulaition of his media resoarces in attempts to manipulate public veiw to his own far right opnions.
if you look at the companys rupert murdoch runs you'll find that there all right wing, sexist and slightly racist
by zombiejack June 24, 2004
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racist term to describe iraqis and more genrally arabs.

says the definition is too short obviously a simple straight forward and accurate opnion is to much for urban dicitonary to handle and i should rant abought my own conceited opnions for a while to bulk the comment out like everyone else....ever notice how urban dictionary seems to be a right wind loony with a unwholesome hate of michael moore okay that should long enought now.
if you use the term sandnigger seriously i hope you open your mail to find it full of white powder.
by zombiejack July 07, 2004
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british tabloid paper known for sexism and reactionary right wing opnions. lies to readers at least once in the past (iv'e read the article im citing myself and i know their lying) and tandancy to focus on irrelevant celebraty gossip
advert: "the sun: we love it"
individual:"do i fuck"
by zombiejack May 05, 2004
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simular to the flamer and angry young man. the internet tough guy is a commonly a individual on the internet who tends to post agressive and threatening posts a marked tendancy towards right wing opnions on pretty much everything. anyone who disagrees with his or on occasion her will usually face a incorherant terade of homosexual referances and direct threats of physical voilence. (despite the sheer implausability of them tracking someone down) irrational hatred of anyone differant or vaguegly left/humane/intelligent or willing to critisise them. Also staunch supposters of anything voilent or aggressive and anyone who isnt is a 'PUSSY LIBERAL FAG'.
in truth internet tough guys are rather sad individuals with little or no dignity or charm
by zombiejack June 19, 2004
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1)weapons that utilize liquid fire as a method of killing.
2)rather sad indviduals who spend there time on the net typing inane babble abought how everyone else are 'pussy fags' in capital letters in a pathetic attempt to pretend to be badass.
1)my granddad was a flamerthrower soldier in the second world war.
steve:oh god a flamethrower
steve:how? you don't know were i live or who i am.
by zombiejack June 19, 2004
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a sub-culture usually associted with working class youths, the term origionally coming from and abbreiviation of scallywag. Typicly xeen in low quality sports wear and often physlicly and peronly crass obnoxious and genrally unpleasent. genrally criminal in nature and with marked tendancy towards genrally obnoxious behavour see townie
a scally picked a fight with me the other day for no apparent reason
by zombiejack April 28, 2004
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