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Revenue Raiser.

see gatso

If you see a speed camera catching motorists travelling the opposite way to you, flash your hi-beam. Thats what we do here in Australia.
"Those speed cameras raise millions of dollars of revenue for the government each year!"
by Zoe February 21, 2005
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County where the heads of the public school system suffer from a severe case of storm-phobia.
Bob: Do we have school today?
Suzy: No, there's a 30% of snow.

MoCo Public School Director #1: Wow, look at that weather.
MoCo Public School Director #2: Yeah, today's gonna be a real scorcher.
MoCo Public School Director #1: How about a 2 hour delay?
MoCo Public School Director #2: Fine by me.
by zoe December 06, 2003
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short little hairs that break and stick up all over the head. they can be caused by getting too much calcium
Ugh...I have so many shevauns, I look like i stuck my finger in an electric socket. I wish I had pencil hair.
by Zoe May 04, 2005
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A smart easy going fun girl, also known as the complete package. An individual who brightens up peoples lives. And adds style and class to every situation. Only a selected few are chosen for this position and it is not to be an easy job to achieve.
Zoe a true covergirl inside and out
by Zoe December 17, 2003
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Japanese word for prostitute. Pronounced less formally as shoofu.
That girl over there is such a baishunfu.

ano onna no ko ha baishunfu da yo.
by Zoe January 19, 2005
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What you see when someone's jeans are too low and they are not wearing a pube protector
"Hey Becky, these jeans are designed to shape and lift my beaver cleavage"
by Zoe February 13, 2004
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when a bird gets it up tha shit piece
mike: wot u do last night Tisso?
Tisso: I kicked Gemma's back doors in!
by ZOE July 10, 2003
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