58 definition by zoe

A new name for Korea'a hankuk glass. Makes mainly automotive glass.
My car windows are made by Han glas
by Zoe January 18, 2005

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Beraving is the act of obsessing over a thing, idea, or person to a scary extent. It takes over your entire life and free time. You cannot stop thinking about it in any way, nomatter how hard you try.
I'm still beraving over Aaron so badly that I couldn't go to sleep last night thinking about him.
by Zoe January 03, 2005

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a person that runs infront of a bus gets hit and does more damage to the bus then the bus did to them
zoe totaly smashed the new mercedez double decker bus
by zoe November 12, 2004

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A cotton/elastic belt that girls wear over the top of their jeans or skirts to hide their undergrowth. When worn as a 'boob tube' top it then becomes a "Boob-pube Protector".
Even with the pube protector on, Sally still had a few strays poking through.
by Zoe February 13, 2004

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a hacker or cheater, esp. with the use of google.com
omg! WAY TO HACK! Good game googlecakes!
by Zoe February 05, 2004

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Randomina is a word typically used for a random girl, thus the 'ina' implies of a female orientation. This word was invented by Zoe, an editor to this lovely site.
That girl is so crazy, she is a randomina
by zoe April 20, 2005

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comes from schedule and calendar (my friend made it up)
Person #1: can you hang out tomorrow?
Person #2: I dunno let me check my scalendar
by Zoe April 10, 2005

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