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a new healthcare insurance system where you automatically lose your health coverage if you are sick or poor.
I went to the emergency room after the accident, they said, "we can't help you, you've got trumpcare."
by zen velo January 07, 2017
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noun, a severe cold or flu that's kicking your ass, usually caught from kids who bring it home from pre-school.

Made famous by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.
"Did you see the Daily Show last night? Jon Stewart had the bubons, he could barely interview that guy."

"I can't go out for drinks, I've got the bubons."
by zen velo March 03, 2011
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the sexy yet clean aroma a boyfriend leaves behind on towels, sheets, and pillows
Peter was over the other night, so nice to hug his pillow and smell his pietrochor.
by zen velo March 11, 2015
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when a couple goes into isolation.
Tom: Hey, have you seen Jim lately? He hasn't been to the pub in weeks.

Harry: Oh, he's seeing Jenny now, they're bisolating.
by zen velo March 06, 2010
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The new Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, who isn't quite as crazy and not as smart as his father Kim Jong Il.
The generals are upset with Mini Il, he wants gold chopsticks instead of his father's silver ones.
by zen velo December 18, 2011
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