106 definition by zack

a word you say to insult someone when you cant think of another word to say
Hey you.. uhh.. your a... a...a crackwhip! Thats right your just a damn crackwhip!hah ha ha hahaha
by Zack August 20, 2003

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A girl that outweighs John Candy.
I got my ass kicked by a camel's hump.
by zack February 23, 2003

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slaves from nepal who now roam freely in rockland county. lakpas clean dishes, cook chicken, and pick up dogshit for a very meager wage. in order to get your very own lakpa, you must buy a sherpacatcherplus via amazon.com, and set it up behind your house. within hours a lakpa should be eagerly waiting there for your commands. yay!
jesus lakpa wouldnt cook anything except chicken... i had to bitchslap that ho
by zack January 15, 2003

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Essentially the same as shizzle, only with more meaning. Or "Sizzlin Shizzle", if you need to be literal.
"That was some tight shizzizzle, man!"
"Holy shizzizzle we're fucked."
by Zack July 24, 2004

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big round nipples resemling that of a mango.
wow sara's mipples wouldnt fit in my mouth so i had to bitch slap that ho
by zack January 10, 2003

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the act of being wanked off by a ruler
Man! Ashley really gave me a good ruler job the other day!
by zack December 02, 2004

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a monkey who fucks another monkey
AHHHH, that monkey is fucking a monkey, what a fuckmonkey!!!
by Zack August 20, 2003

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