31 definitions by yourmom

A really fat person
Look at that Lard stick, he's so fat
by yourmom May 25, 2003
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Phatteryup can be used for any situation. Up for interpretation.

Origin:Liverpool NY
Yo those kicks are phatteryup!
Thats phatteryup!
by yourmom March 01, 2005
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rockette: a female rocker. supposivly in a rock band. maybe lead.

rockette: female rocker. supposivly 'punk', 'goth' or other sub-culture relating to the rock scene. may be into online blogging. where she is popular and friended with other 'rockettes' and 'rockers'
a: "dude. look at that girl on the stage playing the bass!"

b: "YEAH! she's one ROCKETTE.."
by yourmom March 13, 2005
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A name given by gay ass skateboarders who are embaraased when rollerbladers grind 15 kink handrails.
DAMN that rollerbladers good.
by YourMom December 20, 2004
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F.A.G.Fucking awesome game. Best level: Assault_lith.
*Dead*P@cifist-fucking campers
*Dead*Other Player-Your mom's a camper
*Dead*P@cifist-kill yourself
by Yourmom March 09, 2005
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a word that people name anthony use to make themselves feel like they know a special word, when in actuality isn't anything more than a bunch of letters thrown together and said outloud.
there are none because it's not a word.
by yourmom January 20, 2005
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A refrence made about a overweight girl. But not as big as a beeps. When one has been deemed an ahab, generally the phrase "Grab yon spear" is shouted to tell inform those around of the ahab's presence.
Arrrgh. Ahab off the port bow. Grab yon spear.
by yourmom April 13, 2004
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