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A person who believes that there is no god. A person who rejects the validity of religion as a concept and generally has more faith in science and logic.
No, I don't go to church; I'm an atheist.
by YourMom August 05, 2004

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Originally meant to describe something as unusual or strange. Became a deroggatory word to describe homosexuals. More recently, it has been reclaimed by non-heterosexuals as a word used to describe themselves. Queer can now be used to describe homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgendered people. In scholarly studies the word queer is also used to describe those who practice unconventional sex (e.g. bondage, etc.), therefore even heterosexuals can sometimes be defined as queer.
1. Your brother is a really queer guy.
2. I am a homosexual, part of the queer community.
by YourMom July 06, 2004

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One of the richest counties in America. To sound cool, we say we're from D.C. but really, everyone can tell we're MoCo at heart.
Person A: Where are you from?
Person B: Washington, D.C.
A: But you have a Louis Vuitton bag and drive a BMW.
B: I'm from Georgetown.
A: Liar! You're from Potomac aren't you?
by yourmom October 21, 2004

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A country located in North America, to the north of the United States. The two primary languages are English and French, while French is mainly only spoken on the East Coast. The second largest country in the world, Canada has a very low polulation in proportion to its geographical size. There are lots of untouched spaces, and Canada is also very clean. It's government is modeled after the British government. Its capital is Ottawa. The Prime Minister is Paul Martin, a member of the Liberal Party.
I am going to visit my cousin, who lives in Canada.
by YourMom July 30, 2004

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1. To slap on the buttocks with a flat object or with the open hand, as for punishment.

2.Adults smack eachothers buttocks w/ flat object such as a belt for sexual pleasure.
1.Frank <spanks Lisa>
Lisa:: <crying>I won't ever do it again,daddy!!

2.Frank <spanks Lisa>
Lisa::<moaning> I've been naughty. Spank me harder,harder!
by YOURMOM March 23, 2005

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American TV series based on a British series. Story about a group of gay friends and their dramas. Also a lot of hot gay sex! Really addicting.

(PS- I'm a girl)
I stayed up late last night watching Queer as Folk.
by YourMom July 15, 2004

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he is the sexiest little emo boy since that other little emo boy who wore pants... girly pants... anyway he is related to GERARD WAY.... yeah and he also owns you... u must love the sexiness
"I think we're metal in the sense that we have a lot of metal on our instruments...and I have quite a lot on my belt buckle as well."-Mikey
by yourmom April 23, 2005

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