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An indoctrination done by communist college professors on there very impressionable gender ambiguous students. Where ALL people who are not straight, white, or Male are Nazi sympathizers. These nutty professors mold these little participation trophy winners into "Antifa" soldiers.Along with all the BS Hollywood rhetoric and fictional biased pandering of America's fake news establishment they have formed an army of zombie-like minions who are incapable of abstract thought.
Marxist minions are at it again with our impressionable youth, I swear they're molesting unicorns and making them think they shit skittles whilst solving world hunger, if we dont fight these fruitcakes we'll all be starving or dead in 10 years
by yotaterds January 18, 2021
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A certain subset of millenial SJWs who are going to feel oppressed no matter where or who they are in the world

Being a victim and blaming others is a huge part of their repertoire and the idea of personal accountability and responsibility often send them into triggered panic attacks crying and chanting about an imagined nether world imp who relishes at the thought of their anguish.

They are ignorant to the fact that socialism leads to communism which in turn leads to the gulags.

They are obsessed with virtue signaling and completely and utterly ignorant of the well over 100 million people communist idealogues have murdered in the last century or the 500 million babies aborted in chinas one child policy(mostly little girls)...#metoo

By sheer lack of knowledge and godlessness they want to undermine,overthrow and tear down the greatest and fairest country ever seen on the face of the earth.

Where they have the freedom to attempt this subversion. Indoctrinated by their lgbtq-xyzlmnop professors and hollywood communist rhetoric they are used like disposable tools, ignorant and

blind to the proported outcome of their socialist pandering an professional victimhood.

If the road to Hell is paved with good intentions these little socialist millenial brats are driving the bulldozier at full speed down the mountain.
As the "bernies" at evergreen college slid deeper and deeper into their imagined utopia (where everyone rides unicorns)
They began too realize that the grass is not greener on the other side....in fact there is no grass and people are starving so much they've resorted to cannibalism..
by yotaterds July 11, 2020
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In many deep south 1950s colleges young girls trying to get into certain sororities were instructed to refrain from using all toilets and told to goto the woods or alleys to relieve themselves for one week.

This was a tradition going back to the 19th century ,done in order to produce stronger an more self reliant women capable of good problem solving , in preparation for child bearing an proper etiquette for culinary cleanliness when cooking family meals in the future.
I steer clear of Mary lou for about a week she's on a sorority squat right now...patience is good though bubba, shes got nice child bareing hips
by yotaterds November 19, 2020
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A dark basement where liberals an pink/blue haired deranged men an women perform S&M an other sexually deviant practices on each other.
The disgusting things that have gone on in those pseudocoups in San Francisco an Seattle would hairlip the pope.
by yotaterds January 12, 2021
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a alt left troll typically a bernie sanders an Antifa supporter who parrots communist talking points an thinks the song imagine by john lennon holds more truth than the synoptic gospels...
i was driving on the interstate yesterday an passed this twinklytoed little slimeball with pink hair and an "imagine" bumper sticker, i slowed down an tossed my almost full 16oz millerlite at his windshield an said outta my way twinkletoes
by yotaterds April 11, 2020
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A secondary plan of Hilary Clinton to get into the oval office an become president that eventually got trashed,because there isn't enough make-up in the world to make that ole sow look pretty
If you put lipstick on a pig...its still a pig an theres no way it could "Fuck Donald trump"
by yotaterds December 08, 2020
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Neanderthal patriarch responsible for the great 20,000 BC fire party, having discovered wine an fire in close proximity, durk threw one hellacious rootin tootin wild cave party that 3/4 of the known world attended, it was a cave orgy of epic proportion, woolly mammoth cookouts an rock n rolling where just a few of the festivities....durk would be immortalized in many cave paintings around western an central europe, many thought to be pornographic in nature
Too Durk!!!!🍻🍻 Cheers!!!!
by yotaterds November 19, 2020
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