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1. Eye of a penis, small and slitty.
2. Japanese persons eye.
Just gotta go drain my japs' eye.
by yobbo April 23, 2003

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A girl wearing a pair of pants so tight, like a camels toe, but tight enough so you can see her lips moving.
Hence "the mumble", "i can see her lips are moving, but i cant work out what she's saying".
see whispers, cameltoe
She's wearing mumblers.
A large group of overweight, mumbler wearing women just walked by, i feel ill.
by yobbo April 25, 2003

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Another one of these stupid fucking words which you click on to see what it means. Maybe it could mean getting your dizzle twizzled.
Yo yo, homeboy!
I dont have a yo-yo
That biatch twizzled ma nizzle last night and she was goooood.
by yobbo May 01, 2003

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Slang for a vagina, or of you like, a pussy
I could smell the fish wallet she had in her jeans a mile away.
by yobbo April 23, 2003

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The budget of your government that even your leader is not aware of. The Uber secret spending spree, think mi5, mi6, cia, asio, mossad or kopassus, FORGET IT, this is the shit that no-one talks about. Nasty shit like vaccuum bombs, laser blinding, audio disablers, Area 51. Try and imagine something nasty, they have already tried it out!
Why does this charge for a screwdriver come in at $4598?.
Oh yes sir thats got the black budget surcharge.
Whats the black budget?
What are you talking about "black budget", you are weird.
by yobbo April 25, 2003

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A fuckin' unreal backpacker bar in sydney. When i was a young man i met many a nice young lady there, now i'm older and attached, and broke, i dont get to go there as often as i would like. I miss those good times!!! Let me drink many more beers there and dance like a yobbo again i say!
Scubar, you'd like it.
by yobbo April 30, 2003

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1.Sex with a swedish person, see backpacker.
2. Sweaty sex.
1.Damn, i have never had swex.
2.If i have have swex, i hope its a good swex session.
by yobbo April 24, 2003

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